Who am I ?

My name is ALEXANDRE PARRAUD and I am an entrepreneurship adventurer.

I have a real clue to try new things and look for new small sized businesses. I made a passion to find way to entrepreneurship for small player coming into Asian market.

It helped me to keep studying.

I studied Japanese and international negotiation. I came into Vietnam by opportunity at the basis, working for big Vietnamese company in trade. I thought it was a good way to reach Japan.

Eventually, I cumulated experience:

  • Betclic in Malta
  • Allopneus in France
  • My first own company about consulting to Asia
  • I did my first blog related to Japan to learn more about internet.
  • I started to make ecommerce blog for people around me.
  • I worked for perfume industry and came back in Hong Kong.
  • I set up my own company to develop that industry.
  • I started to run an international semi-wholesale online platform named Vietnam-Emarket.
  • I pursue working as agent for small brands.
  • I followed main players – I don’t give the name but you know them – business implantation in Asia.
  • I followed small businesses creating their products in Vietnam and in China.
  • I marketed Japanese brands coming into France.
  • I hired my first employees.
  • I tried to make new blogs ( about art, about business)
  • I started developing website for big company.
  • I studied e-marketing.
  • I helped created furniture for restaurant.
  • I worked for jewellery factory.

My company is based in Hong Kong, my desire is to be in Japan, and I am in Vietnam.

Actually, I am in Vietnam for several factors:

  • Daily life is loveable (I have many activities with my friends here).
  • Life is affordable (I barely spend the same amount of money living in a big house and having a few employees, than I would do to sleep in Hong Kong).
  • Market is in growth and competition is still weak.
  • I came here by a big local door, contrary to most of people who came by big foreigner door which make me understand better the wait of Vietnamese people than most of “my competitors”.

What am I doing now, and what my company is doing right now?

  • Focusing on online sales. Creating online sales platform for entrepreneur. Taking contact with companies to make them ship items at retail standard. Building our competitive field area. Expanding our partnership abilities. Create contents.
  • My life made me growing enough to be a very small CCI which brings me diverse opportunities, and let me always work on different matters.

Who am I?

I am a business creator by going through the status of business developer, what I want is having a budget to develop your company, your project or create your future project.

What did I do until now?

I build relationship and acknowledge in Asia. I have been through Asia, South East, China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan. Lived in Hong Kong and in Vietnam, mainly.

What am I looking for?

  • People who has life project and budget to help make it true.
  • Small companies ready to spend fee (and ready to send the minimum sample communication needs at their own cost and at the right time) by developing their communication, their sales, in Asia.

My main skill?

Thinking the market globally and a strong ability to understand “cultural translation”, making plan on 1-3-5 years for you, preparing a budget, managing.

If you have something interesting to tell me?

Just mail me: parraudalexandre@gmail.com

If you have something to purpose me?

Just mail me: parraudalexandre@gmail.com / alexandre@padea.net / parraud.alexandre@lebusinessman.fr

If you are in Vietnam and it’s a hurry: +841208864094

You can also reach me here if you’re in Hong Kong: +85281209420